met Tom on the set of Crimson Peak today. Such a sweetheart!


The lovechild of Loki and Snape returns in another terrifying but strangely intriguing edition I like to call: ‘formalwear of a Victorian serial killer’.

Instead of the silkiest-silk-ever-to-silk black waistcoat and cravat of previous images (see here), this outfit tones down the emo mood by replacing them with a floral-patterned cream vest and matching bowtie. Improvement: maybe? 

A cause of particular mirth is the replacement of the previously seen frock coat with a tailcoat variety. This would not usually be noteworthy, however the way the tail is flapping majestically behind him like a fucking bird of prey just cracks me up to no end. Caw caw, coat - caw fucking caw.

Other items worth mentioning are the gloves, which are so white they make white look grey. Also, the high stand-up collar is a particular historical highlight - Throwback Thursday indeed.

All in all, these creepy yet classic costumes are creating a lot of excitement for the upcoming film, ‘Crimson Peak’, due for release on the 16th of October 2015.

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Actual conversation with the cast and creators of Hannibal.


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I have a deep connection to Emma Stone’s character in this scene.